legend of sedna

Once upon a time, before the white men and all others, the Inuit hunted the land and fished the land. In this time, was a great hunter, whose wife had died long ago leaving a girl child. The hunter would raise the child himself.

The child grew to become a very beautiful woman with many suitors seeking her hand. The hunter was proud for his daughter, she could sew good clothing and in all the land none was so pretty . Finally the hunter had decided who who would marry his daughter, with pride he called his daughter to his side and said, “Daughter I have chosen your husband, it will be this man”.

The daughter disagreed and would not take the man selected, the great hunter felt shamed and in anger, the great hunter said ” You have shamed me, since you will not accept a man, then you will have my dog, for that is all that is fit for a girl child who dishonors her father”.

During that night, the hunter’s dog came in and visited the daughter, on this night he took her as his wife. When the great hunter realized what had occurred, once again he was shamed and cried out “Daughter, you are with the child of my dog and shame me again, you will be placed in isolation as you deserve no better”. With that the great hunter took his daughter and isolated his daughter so no others would be shamed by her.


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