dialog bahasa ingris 5 orang !


In a school, has completed MOS event, now has started to engage in learning and teaching. There was a female student namedFidian. As usual this morning he was late coming to school. Heimmediately hurried into her new classroom.

Fidian : “Huh .. Only 5 minutes late, if it were 20 minutes late, I would not be allowed to go like yesterday, yesterday, to the point that I did not participate MOS, I’m not familiar with my classmates ..”

In class there was only one male student, because it now sportslessons, other students who are exercising outside. Then suddenlyit comes 2 other students.

Lesmana : (yelling Roni) “Heh, Roni! Do not be arrogant, just because your child Headmaster. Do not think we do not know thatyou are sons mistress Headmaster! ”

Faujan : “Yes, son of a whore bitch!”

Roni : (scared) “What do you mean?”

Faujan : “Halah, no hypocrite! Now, quickly do all our homework,after school will have been completed, you look out! ”

Lesmana : “If not, we will spread the word about your mother a whore to everyone!”

Faujan : “Ho! What’s this? Pencil box as good as it is not suitable for a bastard like you, here for us all! ”
Roni : “But ..”
Lesmana : “It’s just do it! (See the Fidian) You’re the new kid! Keep your mouth! ”
Fidian : “Uh, yes ..”

Fidian directly out of the classroom and pretend not to know anything, while Roni forced to do all the homework and Faujan Lesmana. After the lesson Sports is completed, all students return to class. Throughout the day, Fidian see Roni glum. And strangely she felt her classmates saw it with a strange expression.

The next day .. In the classroom, at recess to-2. Fidian was reading a book. Roni sat behind him, then come lesmana and Fauzan.

Fauzan : “Heh! Brazen you, Roni! Why do our homework all the answers wrong? While you are correct all homework, huh?! ”
lesmana : “You dare to trick us! Oh .. So you want everyone to know about Ibum … ”
Roni : “No! Me please do not! I thought yesterday was a lot of homework when you, sorry. ”
Fauzan : “pshaw! Many reasons! It’s me restore the cheap pencil box, a new day had broken in use again! ”
lesmana : “Yeah ugly! Later this after my Biology test, you must create 2 answer sheet that contains all your answer, and replace them with our answer sheets. Oh, and here all your money, we were hungry! ”
Roni : “No!”

Lesmana and Faujan already preparing Roni and the contents of his bag searched, but a pity Fidian Roni, directly preventing them!

Fidian : “Stop! You’re outrageous! That’s enough, do not bother anymore Roni! Roni is not guilty, he certainly never wanted to be born by a whore! ”
Lesmana : “This kid tengil not have to interfere!”
Faujan : “Do not you be a hero late!”
Fidian : “I do not want to be a hero of late, but you did it wrong! What you guys do not feel sorry for Anna?! Try if you are in the position he was, it would not really bad! ”
Faujan : “That’s not our affair, he’s feeling sad, happy, we do not care!”
Lesmana : “this misbegotten not need pity! See it, sooner or later he would be naughty teaser man like his mother! ”
Faujan : “Yes, the fruit will not fall far from the tree!”
Roni : (crying)
Fidian : “You must not think like that! Although Roni son of a prostitute, not necessarily the same as he would his mother. Roni good-hearted, he has tried to obey you, but he did a lot on his mind. And you even had ruined her pencil box, do you not ashamed? ”
Lesmana : “A lot of talking! We give lessons quasi-hero of this first woman, Sin! ”

lesmana and Faujan try hitting Fidian, but Fidian dodge, and managed to disable them. Fidian actually a black belt Taekwondo athlete, it’s easy for him to paralyze and Faujan lesana a hit with great emotion and lost control.

Faujan : “Aw! Sick! Roni brash, you should be responsible for all this! ”
Lesmana : “Hiding behind a good friend to fight, cheat!”
Fidian : “Shut up you guys! You guys do not you dare disturb Roni again, or you’ll give crude bogem again! “(Put the position of hitting)
Lesmana : “Yes, we promised not to disturb her again.”
Faujan : “Damn!”

Faujan and Lesmana go with a limp leg and entire body ached.

Fidian : “Are you all right Ron? From now on they will not bother you again. ”
Roni : (moved) “Yeah, thanks. I do not know what to do to repay. ”
Fidian : “Same-same. Ah .. You do not have to do anything, I just do not like to see the poor oppressed. ”

Roni then embraced Fidian. They are very happy. But, suddenly changing circumstances surrounding Fidian, Roni disappeared, in front of him that there was a school friend when in junior high.

Iman : (waving his hand like he was aware of people who are daydreaming) “Hey, you Fidian right?! You anywhere? 2 days do not come in, MOS also did not participate, it means you’ve missed 5 days. Now come-come directly daydreaming .. ”
Fidian : “Huh 2 days ago and yesterday I went too! I’m where? Roni Where? ”
iman : “Oh crap you! Yes on kelaslah .. Roni? Who? ”
Fidian : “Roni .. That .. Um .. “(dizzy and confused)
iman : “Oh, come on now between me into the library!”

They were both into the Library. Up there, Fidian find a yearbook, she was curious and opened it. Then he found something ..

Fidian : “Here! It’s Roni! In the 1990 yearbook class?! ”
iman : “What? Roni whom? You mean this photo! Yes he did Roni. Roni is the child of someone who was once the principal here. He’s a very good boy, friendly, courteous, and smart. But when school started a few days, … …. ”
Fidian : “Means the same as us now, huh?!”
iman : “Yeah, you shut up until I was finished!”
Fidian : “Eheh, so sorry. Continue .. ”

Iman : “Well, I continue. When school started a few days, there is a group of children who know the secrets that Roni was the son of a whore affair Principal, and spread the word to all corners of the school. ”
Fidian : “Hang on, I seem to know this story. Then a frustrated Roni died from suicide at .. Our class! Huh? So that’s a fact? ”
iman: “Yeah right! That is fact, sorry for Roni, Well, I went first class .. ”
Fidian : “Come!”

Fidian and Faith back to class. It turns out that yesterday was ditoling Roni fidian is a ghost who had committed suicide in the school, fidian any confusion between fear and feel proud to have helped roni, although it is apparent unprecedented.



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